Feature Bike - Hugene 29" - 140 mm

Welcome to the world of Propain, the German-designed aggressive mountain bike that's now available in the Philippines! 

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We will help you on your way to your personal dream bike. Our options are only a rough recommendation because your needs are as individual as you are. We have put together three pre-configured models for you. In our configuration tool, however, you can still adapt every single part of all models to your wishes. Have fun building your dream bike!

Why 29" wheels?

 Comfort! Grip! Smooth running! We continue to rely on 29″ wheels for our trail bike. The advantages are obvious: The larger wheels ensure better rolling behavior and rough terrain can be rolled over more quickly than with smaller wheels. The larger contact area of the 29″ tires also improves traction resulting in better grip. The longer wheelbase makes the bike more stable and the larger wheels store more energy during the ride, which keeps you going faster for longer. And that is exactly what we want to achieve with our trailbike: speed, smoothness and comfort both uphill and downhill.

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Perfectly protected

To keep your frame protected at all times, our Hugene comes with a custom chainstay and downtube protectors. The chainstay protector absorbs chain vibrations and minimizes noise

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Better safe than sorry

 The robust Acros frame bearings are additionally protected by our PROPAIN dirt shields. An extra seal protects the underlying bearings from dust, water and dirt.

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Internal cable routing

 We installed run cable ducts in our Hugene frame to protect the cables from dirt and eliminate annoying rattling sounds, but also to make the train installation particularly easy.

Highlights Whether pedaling uphill or going down fast, 

our Hugene always keeps a cool head. And off the trail it’s just a natural beauty.

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